Basic Building

Commanders in the field have access to a great deal of construction and may deploy new offensive and defensive structures according ti in-battle needs. The Recycler is an important strategic piece and can build defensive Turrets, Scavangers, Scouts and several other offensive and defensive allies.

Advanced Building

Some units are unavailable in the field until certain battalion prerequisites have been fulfilled. Until these prerequisites are covored, commanders must fight with only the basic offensive units.These prerequisites change from battle to battle due to power and material issues that are not constant. A fully informed pilot will be aware of limitations which are initially learned in the mission briefing.

When mission guidelines call for advanced building, command the Recycler to build a Mobile Unit Factory. This building has the ability to contruct advanced units.

When necessary, field commanders can order the Recycler to build an Armory. This building enables units in the field to have access to basic repair and ammunition as well as advanced weaponry. The Armory delivers its payload by catapulting it to field units.

A Construction Rig is another unit engaged in assembly. Its primary directive is to engineer buildings such as defensive towers, comm units, and power sources.

Alternate Power Sources

There are two types of power: power provided by geysers and electrical power that is provided by the wind, lightning, or the sun.

Geysers providing geothermal power are the most common power sources in this conflict. However, the differing terrains of the planets and moons that have been surveyed allow for several alternate sources to supply units with energy.

Geysers are used to power the Recycler, the Mobile Unit Factory, and the Armory. In order to provide power to buildings, other energy sources must be utilized.

A Construction Rig can be commanded to manufacture power plants that collect lightning, solor energy, or wind energy. Commanders must use the information in thier mission briefings to learn the intelligence survey teams have provided regarding planet terrain and environment. This information is vital to allow pilots to know what structures to build where.